Chocolate Souffle Tart

The tart dough is a chocolate shortcrust pastry (Pâte brisée), while the soufflé is a chocolate flavored souffle.
A slightly bitter dessert for the adult taste.
The incredibly soft chocolate soufflé, combined with the chocolate tart creates a dynamic contrast in the mouth when it smoothly melts.

「The concept and framework of tarts」 recipe by Kaoru Kawada.…

※ Additional info
The original diameter of the base is 7 cm x 3.5cm Quantity of 12
(In the video the size is half of the original size)

■ Chocolate shortcrust tart pastry (Pâte brisée)
Butter 150g
Cake flour 200g
Cocoa powder 50g
Egg yolk ½ pc
Whole egg ½ pc
Ice water 40g
Salt 5g
Granulated sugar 10g

■ Chocolate souffle
Egg yolk 5g
Granulated sugar 2.5g + 64g
Milk 100g
Cake flour 200g
Dark chocolate 50g
Egg white 180g

Apply proper amount of flour powder and egg spread


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