ASMR Cooking / How to make Supreme Chocolate Tart

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
Today is Chocolate tart.
Honey and rum flavored ganache.
As the finishing touch to the cake, I placed gold leaf on top.

0:33 Sweet short pastry.
3:43 Flatten the dough.
4:20 Fondage the tart.
5:07 Baking tart dough.
6:12 Milk ganache(Honey and rum aroma).
7:58 Grasage.
10:35 Adding cacao,sprinkle∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪
10:56 Tasting / Thoughts.

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[Ingredients] One 18cm tart pan.
Unsalted butter : 75g
[A] – Almond powder : 25g
[A] – Powdered sugar : 50g
[A] – Salt : 1g
Whole egg : 30g
Cake Flour : 125g
1.Sieve [A]
2.Cream butter mix with a whipper.
3.Put the A in 2-3 portions and mix.
4.Add the egg solution little by little in 3-5 times.
5.Mix with a rubber spatula, switch to a card and mix to weave.
6.Put flour alone into sieve 5 in 2-3 portions.
7.Wrap it in a wrap while it is a bit powdery and let it sit in the refrigerator for 8 hours.
8.Spread the dough (no need to knead).
9.Set in mold, and put in a refrigerator for 1 hour.
10.Spread aluminum foil and add tartstone (aluminum is better than oven sheet).
11.Bake at 356F/160C for 35min.If not enough bake again.
12.Take the stone and aluminum foil and paint the yolk inside the tart.
13.Bake in oven at 140℃ for about 5 minutes and cool.

Milk chocolate : 180g
Fresh cream (milk fat content about 45%) : 125ml
Honey : 15g
Rum : 10ml
Unsalted butter : 20g
1.Chop the chocolate.
2.Put honey and rum in fresh cream and boil.
3.Emulsify chocolate.
4.Add butter when temperature drops.
5.Once the butter has melted, pour it into the tart.

Water: 30g
Whipping cream 35%: 35g
Granulated sugar: 50g
Cocoa powder: 20g
Gelatin sheet: 3g
1. Soak the gelatin sheet in water
2. Measure the cocoa powder and sugar in the same bowl and whisk it.
3. Heat water and milk in a pan.
4. When 3 reaches a boil, add 2 and mix, then heat again.
5. When it’s boiled, add the gelatin sheet and melt, then strain it.

■Couverture Milk chocolate 200g

■Tart pan 182×25mm

■Stove grill top

■Oven microwave
Panasonic NE-BS801(廃盤)

■Convection oven

■Silicone whisk

■Portable gas stovetop

■Acrylic ruler

■Bronze mini pan

■Kitchen scissors

■Hagure Metal

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