How To Make Chocolate Ice Cream Parfait

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
This time I made a rich chocolate parfait.
This dessert is a combination of various simple ingredients and at the end I used chocolate as decorations.

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A – Milk:250ml
A – Fresh cream(35%):50ml
B – Egg yolk:60g
B – Granulated sugar:50g
C – Bitter chocolate(66%):20g
D – Blonde chocolate(35%):20g
D – Milk chocolate(44%):10g
Black chocolate biscuit:add as you like
[ Instructions ]
1. Chop two types of chocolate
2. Mix egg yolk and granulated sugar and blanch.
3. Put A in a pot and mix
4. Pour the boiled milk in 2 several times.
5. Return to the pot and simmer over low heat (around 80 °C)
6. Divide 5 in half and put chocolate C and D in each and melt it
7. Add chocolate biscuits, mix, and transfer it into containers and refrigerate

[Coffee Jelly]
Coffee beans:30g
Hot water:360ml
Granulated sugar:50g
Powdered gelatin:7g
[ Instructions ]
1. Grind the coffee beans
2. Set the coffee filter and pour in the beans
3. Boil water
4. Transfer the boiling water to the kettle
5. Pour the water from the center of the bean, rotate and steam it once
6. Wait 20 seconds, and pour in the second time.
7. Move up and down from the center and pour in clockwise direction
8. After the third time, pour before the layer of foam collapses.
9. Pour in around 5 to 6 times in total
10. When the hot water runs out, put it in a bowl, mix granulated sugar and powdered gelatin, mix, then transfer to a container and solidify.

A – Chocolate:60g
A – Butter:40g
A – Granulated sugar:20g
A – Honey:20g
A – Fresh cream:30g
B – Flour:30g
B – Almond powder:10g
Whole egg:60g
[ Instructions ]
1. Boil A and mix.
2. Put whole eggs in 1 and mix.
3. Sift B and mix, then add walnuts.
4. Prepare the mold, pour in the dough, and put cacao nibs on top
5.Preheat the oven at 180 °C and bake at 170 °C for 25 minutes

[Chocolate whipped cream]
A – Fresh cream 47%:150ml
A – Fresh cream 35%:50ml
Couverture chocolate:40g
Granulated sugar:10g
[ Instructions ]
1. Mix A to approximately 200 ml
2. Chop the chocolate finely
3.Boil 70 ml of fresh cream 1
4. Add the boiled fresh cream to the chocolate and emulsify
5. Let it cool a little and gradually pour in the remaining 120 ml of fresh cream.
6. Add granulated sugar and whip it over ice water

■Silicone Spatula

■Small Trivet(for Gas Stoves)

■Derongi Gourmet Bakery Oven EOB2071J-5W

■Couverture dark chocolate
Valrhona「Caraibe」(66% cacao)

■Hershey Chocolate Syrup 260g

■Silicone Whisk TOMIZ

■Cassette portable stove
Iwatani MIYABI 3.5kW CB-WA-35

■Copper sauce pan 10 cm 10cm

■Kitchen Cutters
Toribe Seisakusho KS-203

■Hagure Metal

■Metal Slime

■Blue King Slime

■Silver Metal King

■Metal Slime Tower



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