How to make Rich Moist Terrine Chocolat

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
This time it is a concave terrine chocolate with a concave.
Highest and simple with 4 ingredients.
Chocolate sweets that are rich but very easy to eat and very delicious.

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0:00 Table of contents
0:30 Terrine chocolat dough
5:55 Bake at oven
6:19 Cacao requiem
8:26 Finish rich concave terrine chocolat
8:34 Adding cacao
8:52 Bon appetit
9:43 Cacao notes

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[Ingredients] 1 Baking pan (165 x 65 x 55 mm)
150g Sweet chocolate(56%)
110g Unsalted butter
60g Granulated sugar
120g Beaten egg

[How to make]
1. Set cooking sheet in baking pan
2. Mix chocolate and butter with hot water to melt
3. Add granulated sugar to 50 ℃
4. Mix whole eggs with hot water so that air does not enter, and rub at 50 ℃ in a colander.
5. Divide the egg liquid into chocolate liquid and mix to emulsify.
6. Bake at 170 ℃ for about 20-22 minutes, take crude heat as it is, put in a tapper etc. and cool in a refrigerator for about 8 hours
7. When cutting, warm the knife and cut it

[Cooking sheet used repeatedly]

[Baking pan]

[Shinwa Rules 73010 Infrared Thermometer, B With Laser Pointer]

[DeLonghi Convection oven EOB2071J-5W]

[Silicon Whipper TOMIZ]

[Shovel Shaped Spoon]

[Cassette stove]
Iwatani MIYABI 3.5kW CB-WA-35

[Kitchen Cutters]
Toribe Seisakusho KS-203



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