How to make melty chocolate mousse cake

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
This time I made a melty chocolate mousse.
High cacao and Anglaise based mousse is an excellent taste.
The cacao notes also contain detailed examples of mistakes.

0:00 Introduction of Melty Chocolate Mousse
0:27 sponge (biscuit chocolate)
2:57 Mousse au chocolat
6:53 Glaze
8:25 Completed
8:31 Chasing Cacao
8:45 Tasting
9:26 Cacao Notes (Mousse Failures and Key Points Explained)

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[ Mousse au chocolat ]
Black chocolate 64%: 210g
Fresh cream 42%: 270g
A – egg yolk: 30g
A – granulated sugar: 12g
B – Milk: 72g
B – Fresh cream: 72 g
[ How to make mousse au chocolat ]
1. Melt the chocolate and set aside
2. Whip the cream into a stiff whip
3. A combined and whisk until white
4. Combine B, bring to a boil, put half of it into A and put it back into the pot.
5. Raise the heat to about 80 degrees Celsius over low to medium heat, and when it thickens slightly, take it down from the heat (Anglaise sauce)
6. Mix the resulting anglaise into the melted chocolate
7. Put 1/3 of the whipped cream into 6 and mix thoroughly
8. Lightly mix the remaining cream with a whisk and mix it all together with a rubber spatula
9. Line a Toyo mold with a baking sheet, put the dough in and freeze for 5 hours.

Spongebob (Biscuit Chocolat) ]
A – egg yolk: 70g
A – granulated sugar: 55g
B – Egg whites: 110g
B – granulated sugar: 55g
Cocoa powder: 30g
[ How to make biscuit chocolates ]
1.A Whisk
2.B Whisk
3. Mix 1/3 of the meringue into the egg yolk, add the cocoa powder and combine with a rubber spatula
4. Combine the remaining meringue
5. Preheat the oven to 180°C and bake for 10-12 minutes

[ Glaze ]
Water: 90g
Fresh cream 35%: 100g
Granulated sugar: 150g
Cocoa powder: 60g
Plate Gelatin: 9g
[ How to make a glaze]
1. put the water and cream in a saucepan and heat
2. measure the cocoa powder in the same bowl as the sugar and mix with a whipper
3. when 1 comes to a boil, stir in 2 and heat again.
4. when it comes to a boil, add the gelatin and strain through a mesh
5. Glassage is about 26 degrees Celsius

Toyo-type 210x80x55

Cacao Barry 64% chocolate 1kg

Silicorn spatula

A small five virtues (placed on the gas stove)

Delonghi Convection Oven EOB2071J-5W

Shinwa radiation thermometer No.73010 with laser pointing function

Silicon Whipper TOMIZ

Cassette Stove
Iwatani MIYABI GA 3.5kW CB-WA-35

Copper petite pan 10 cm

Hand mixer (volume is turned down in the video)
Panasonic Hand Mixer White MK-H4-W

Kitchen Scissors
Toribe Manufacturing Kitchen Spatter KS-203



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