How to make Bavarian Pudding Chocolate Terrine raspberry

Cacao!∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
Summer is in the air.
I will miss the cold thing even more, so it may be good to cool down with bavarian pudding!
There are various opinions about the definition of Terrine, but this time it is about shape.
Since the questionnaire comes out around 2:25, please vote it.

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Bavarois · Chocolat (white chocolate)
A – Heavy cream 200 ml
A – granulated sugar 10 g
B – 2 egg yolks
B – granulated sugar 40 g
Milk 250-280 ml
Gelatin leaves 10.5 g (about 7 sheets)
Couverture white chocolate 150 g
Vanilla essence , as needed

[Directions (How to make)]

1. Engrave white chocolate.
2. Place plate gelatin in water for about 15 minutes.
3. Place granulated sugar in cream, stand for five minutes, and cool in a refrigerator.
4. Add egg yolk and granulated sugar in the bowl and stir. (It does not matter whether whipped or not)
5. Add milk and vanilla essence to the small pan and boil it until it boils.
6. Mix the heated milk in the bowl of egg yolk while mixing with a whipper.
7. While straining with a monkey, return it to a pot and raise it up to 82 degrees to thicken.
8. Add a thickening Add gelatin that is well drained and dissolve.
9. Melt the white chocolate and put it in 8.
10. Add cream that you put in five minutes and mix well.
11. Place the raspberry in a mold and solidify in a refrigerator
12. Naparge warms the water with a range etc., mix it, melt it, cool it and adjust the hardness.


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