Cherry blossom ruby chocolate cream dorayaki 桜あんとルビーチョコクリームの生どら焼き #shorts #asmr #cooking

Cacao ! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
These dorayaki are the best I have ever had.
The savory cocoa flavored dorayaki crust is the perfect combination with the cherry blossom bean paste and ruby chocolate whipped cream.
The slightly salty cherry blossoms complemented the sweetness.
May the cacao be with you !

Cocoa Dorayaki dough
A – 150g : Pancake mix
A – 12g : Cocoa powder
A – 2g : Baking soda
A – 25g : White sugar
40g : Honey
20g : Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine)
1 : Whole egg (L)
100 ml : Milk
Ruby Chocolate Cream
A – 30g : Ruby chocolate
A – 30ml : Fresh cream 35%
70ml : Heavy cream 45%
20ml : Fresh cream 35%

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Sakura an – Bean paste 300g

Ruby chocolate

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