How to make Hedgehog Chocolate Eclair Mont Blanc Cake

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In this case, I combined eclairs and Mont Blanc to create a hedgehog sweet.
The result is a cute looking one.

0:00 Hedgehog Eclair Mont Blanc
0:26 Creme Patissiere (custard cream)
2:55 Ganache for chocolate cream
3:50 Cocoa eclair puff pastry
6:33 Hedgehog Face (Chocolate)
8:30 Marron cream (Mont Blanc cream)
9:35 Squeeze the marron cream
10:18 Completion
10:37 Tasting.
11:14 Cacao notes (hardness and cooling spray depending on the freshness of the white chocolate)

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[ Ingredients and recipe ]

[ Creme Patissiere ]
Milk: 200ml
Vanilla bean: 1/2
Egg yolks (L): 3
Granulated sugar: 40g
Cake flour: 20g
Condensed milk: 10g
Unsalted butter: 10g
[How to make it]
1. crack the vanilla to get the beans out and put them in the milk.
2. beat the egg yolks and mix in the granulated sugar until white and chunky (Blanchard)
3. lightly mix the egg yolks with the flour.
4. bring the milk to a boil and add about 1/5 of it to the egg yolks first, adding them in order.
5. strain the mixture and return it to the pot over medium heat.
6. mix vigorously if it starts to clump.
(7) When the rice gets heavy and light, it should be ready to cook.
8. place the butter and condensed milk in a plastic wrap lined bathtub.
9. place in a freezer or other cooler
10. thaw and break up with a whipper or something else when you use it.

[ Ganache ]
65% couverture: 40g
Fresh cream: 40g
[ Making ]
1. chop the chocolate.
2. boil the cream in the microwave
3. Leave it for a while to heat it up and emulsify it

[ Chocolate cream ]
Creme Patissiere: 280g
Ganache: 80g
[ Making ]
1. just mix while the ganache is hot

[ Cocoa eclair puff pastry ]
A – Flour: 70g
A – Cocoa powder: 12g
B – Milk: 60g
B – Water: 60g
B – Unsalted butter: 60g
B – Salt: 3g
B – Granulated sugar: 3g
Whole eggs: 120-140g (to adjust)
[ Making ]
1. wield A
2. put B in a saucepan and bring to a boil
3. when it comes to a boil, turn off the heat, remove from the heat and add in the sprinkled flour.
4. mix quickly with a wooden spatula or spatula to prevent any lumps from forming.
5) When the mixture has come together in a lump, stir it thoroughly to the bottom of the pot and heat it again for 1-2 minutes (medium heat).
6. bring the dough to 75°C. Don’t scrape the curtain from the bottom of the pan.
7. mix the dough in a bowl when the temperature exceeds 75°C. Let it cool to about 55°C.
8. add half of the egg mixture, then gradually add the egg mixture to the mixture, keeping an eye on the consistency of the dough.
9. place the dough in a squeeze bag with a 1 cm striped gold thread on it and squeeze it tightly at intervals.
10. about 8 cm long.
11. sprinkle powdered sugar on top.
12. preheat the oven to 180°C, lower the temperature to 160°C and bake for 40 minutes

[ Marron cream.]
A – Marron Paste: 240g
A – unsalted butter: 25g
A – Rum: 5ml
A – starch syrup: 10g
At least 42% whipped cream: 70g
[ Making ]
1. mix A.
2. whip the cream stiffly and mix it with 1.

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