How to make Chocolate Ice Cream – Ice Cream made with a yellow base

Thank you for the many answers to the previous questionnaire “What kind of sweets do you want to eat in the summer?”
“Ice cream series” was the most popular at 63%, so I was doing development.

This chocolate ice cream is completely different from the previous one.

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It is common to use an ice cream base in the ice cream industry. This time, I made “Yellow Base” from some materials usually stocked in general home kitchen, then I made the chocolate ice cream from the base.
You can make various ice cream flavors, such as vanilla ice cream, from the yellow base.

■ Yellow Ice Cream Base
Milk: 180 g
whipping cream: 35 g
Egg yolk: 2 L-size (about 40 g)
A – Skim milk powder: 10 g
A – granulated sugar: 45 g

[Directions – Yellow Ice Cream Base]
1. Mix A in a powder state well in a pot.
2. Add egg yolk to 1 and mix.
3. Add milk and mix while warming. The upper limit is about 50 ℃.
4. Stop the fire and add whipping cream and mix.
5. Put it in an ice cream maker and solidify it and save it in a freezer.

■ Chocolate paste (cocoa paste)
Water: 90 g
B – Granulated sugar: 65 g
B – Cocoa Powder: 50 g

[Directions – Chocolate paste (Cocoa paste)]
1. In a pot, mix B in powder state well.
2. Add water and boil.
3. Continue stirring with low heat.
4. Complete when boiling and glossing out.

■ Chocolate Ice
Yellow base: 190 g
Chocolate paste: 40 g
Milk: 70 g

[Directions – Chocolate ice cream]
1. Mix chocolate paste and milk with a mixer.
2. Mix the yellow base and 1.
3. Complete it by solidifying it in an ice cream maker.


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