How to make Caramel Chocolate Pudding

This time I introduce a recipe of chocolate pudding having the rich and smooth tastes without baking.
Actually, it is difficult to cook because there is a possibility of separation, but if you are careful about the temperature and use couverture chocolate, you can make the taste like high-end store product at home.

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[Caramel Indredients] (About 5-8 pieces)
Granulated sugar: 100 g
Hot water: 40 g

[Directions to make caramel]
1. Heat the pan on low heat and put a handful of granulated sugar.
2. Once the granulated sugar started melting, put the rest of the sugar in three parts and take care not to burn.
3. When big bubbles are made in the whole pan, change the heat to low and keep heating it more.
4. When it gets smoky and it looks like oolong tea, add hot water scattering it with a spatula.

[Chocolate Printing Ingredients]
Material (5-8 servings)
Egg yolk: 3 pieces
Granulated sugar: 30 g
Milk: 300 ml
Whipping cream: 120 ml
Chocolate: 140 g (Couverture chocolate about 50% recommended)
Cocoa powder: 20 g
Powdered gelatin: 5 g
Water: 30 ml

[Directions to make chocolate pudding]
1. Mix egg yolk and granulated sugar in a bowl and whip it.
2. Melt the gelatin with lukewarm water.
3. Put chocolate, milk and whipping cream into the pan and melt the chocolate warming it on low temperature.
4. Add gelatin to 3, mix well, pour it into 1 and filter with a strainer etc.
5. Firmly cool it down with ice etc.
6. Put it in the glass of caramel and harden it for more than 3 hours in the refrigerator.


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