Handmade Mint Chocolate soft cookies Country Ma’am-esque

Kakao~! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪

I asked a translator for help with the translations and have started narrating in English
You might find it hard to get used to it, but I will do my best to improve so please watch over my progress!
Also give me some advice. I’m looking forward to it.

WithChocolate Country Ma’am (super chocolate mint) has started selling at convenience stores and supermarkets.
This time I tried to promptly make a handcrafted Country Madam.
It’s quite tasteful but making a perfect copy is difficult.

Thank you for translating the subtitles and video descriptions.

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[ Ingredients ]
(10g x about 20 pieces)

Unsalted butter: 30g
Granulated sugar: 25g
Whole egg (M): 1/2 an egg (12g)
Cake flour: 80g
GET Mint Liquor: 10ml
Bean Paste: 20g
Cocoa powder: 4g
Mint Chocolate: Moderate amount
Chocolate chips: Moderate amount

[ Directions ]

1. Stir butter and add granulated sugar
2. Add eggs
3. Sieve flour, add mint liquor and mix
4. Combine all and mix by hand
5. Section the batter into parts (about 150g)
6. Mix in the bean paste, chocolate chips and cocoa powder with one of the sections of the batter to make the filling.
7. Add the icing color to the other section of the batter to make the exterior batter. (about 20 pieces)
8. Use the brown batter (the one in step 6) and place it inside the exterior batter (the one in step 7) while softly wrapping it and then flattening it with your hands. Both around 5g
9. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 °C for 16 to 18 minutes
10. Temper the chocolate, pour it on one side of the cookie and place it on a silpat and finish the line decorations from the top

■PEPPERMINT GET27 (mint liquor) 700ml

■Couverture black chocolate Valrhona (Equatoriale Noire) (55% Cacao)

■Delonghi convection oven EOB2071J-5W

■Small trivet (used to place gas stove)

■Microwave oven Panasonic NE-BS801(discontinued)

■Shinwa radiation thermometer No.73010 with laser pointer function

■Silicone whisk TOMIZ

■Cassette cooker Iwatani MIYABI 3.5kW CB-WA-35



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