Chocolates Osechi Japanese soul food

Happy cacao new year! I look forward to your continued goodwill in the coming year.!
This time it’s an osechi dish from the cacao family. If you combine all the basic things together, you’d be surprised to see a beautiful picture.

■Chocolate Cacao Recipe Book releasing on 2020.1.10!
『Chocolate Dessert BOOK』

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■Ikura Jelly

■Cannelés au chocolat
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■ Chocolate roll cake dough
Reference: Christmas Chocolate Log Cake

■Taiyaki chocolate ganache
[Ingredients] Approx. 2pcs
■Chocolate dough
A – Rice flour:45g
A – Baking powder:2g
A – Cacao powder:8g
A – Cane sugar:15g
Whole egg:1pc
Silk tofu:100g(Cream tofu state)
■ Taiyaki ganache
Sweet chocolate:50g
Heavy cream 35%:25ml
Unsalted butter:5g
1. Prepare cooking sheets and wraps as molds
2.Chop the chocolate
3.Combine heavy cream and honey and boil
4. Put the boiled cream in chocolate and let it stand for a while
5.Dissolve and emulsify the chocolate (mix well)
6.Emulsify well, add butter and melt when around 40 ° C
7.Refrigerate and solidify using 1

■Almond chocolate
Unglazed almonds:120g
Granulated sugar:45g
Bitter chocolate:240g(1 time 40g x 6 times)
Pure chocolate powder – approximate amount
1. Put granulated sugar and water in a pan and heat to 115 ° C to make caramel
2. Put almonds in pot 1 and mix
3. Turn off the heat, add butter and mix. When the string is pulled out, take it out on the oven sheet and let it cool
4.Release the almonds that are stuck, then put the full amount in the bowl and weigh
5.Temper the chocolate
6. Pour 40g of chocolate into almonds and stir
7. Repeat when the chocolate has hardened. Do this 6 times or more
8. Finally, apply cocoa powder before it hardens

■Taiyaki Pan

■Silicon spatula

■Small Trivet (for Gas Stoves)

■Meiji Heavy Cream Tokachi-fresh 45%

■Microwave Oven
Panasonic NE-BS801(discontinued)

■DeLonghi Convection oven EOB2071J-5W

■Black gloves Nitori

■Shinwa Rules 73010 Infrared Thermometer, B With Laser Pointer

■Couverture Black Chocolate
Valrhona「Equatoriale Noire」(55% Cacao)

■Hershey Chocolate syrup 260g

■Silicon Whipper TOMIZ

■Cassette stove
Iwatani MIYABI 3.5kW CB-WA-35

■Acrylic Ruler 3mm 2 pairs

■Copper saucepan 10cm

■Hand mixer(volume lowered in the video)
Panasonic Hand mixer white MK-H4-W

■Yamamoto Multi-Speed Mixer YE-MM41W

■Kitchen Cutter
Toribe Seisakusho KS-203 Kitchen Cutters KS-203



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