サックサクのやみつき味!『ちくわとじゃがいもの海苔塩かき揚げ』Chikuwa and potatoes nori seaweed fried Tempura



ちくわ 一袋(5本)
じゃがいも 2個
★青海苔粉 大さじ2
★小麦粉(まぶす用) 大さじ2
☆小麦粉 大さじ6
☆片栗粉 大さじ3
☆塩 小さじ1/2
☆水 140cc
氷 2個


【Chikuwa and potatoes nori seaweed fried Tempura】
One in the ingredients which are being sold made fritters of volume perfection using inexpensive and obtainable kind of fish sausage and potato in a supermarket today.
When I say “Isobe fried bean curd of a kind of fish sausage” and a popular snack bar with potato “glue salt potato” when saying the good menu with a kind of fish sausage!
It’s “kind of fish sausage and potato laver salt fritters” that I made such 2 good ones be united. The strongest cost performance ratio the material cost calls for one person about 30 yen with what!
The feeling the moment it was put in the mouth, the crisp food texture of the shredding potato and the flavor which is green laver after that by the time difference are spread, and that the accent of the kind of fish sausage may take for places!
It’s the taste I like very much as well as a child and also fits an adult liquor appetizer! Once making, it’s apparent to become the popular basic menu!
A troublesome person is OK with deep fried food, too! It’s OK by fried bean curd baking including a little oil in a frying pan! It’s easy surprisingly!
A great deal of nonesuch fritters are easy and very low in cost more than I thought, and so finished that I become full, so please try “kind of fish sausage and potato laver salt fritters” in tonight’s dish by all means.

One bag of Chikuwa (5 pieces)
2 potatoes
★ 2 tbsp of green seaweed
★ 2 tbsp of flour
☆ 6 tbsp flour
☆ 3 tbsp starch powder
☆ Salt 1/2 tsp
☆ Water 140 cc
2 ices

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