S’more ! Chocolate Marshmallows sweets

Cacao ! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
This time, s’mores with dark chocolate ganache cream on homemade marshmallows.
It is roasted with a burner to make it fragrant.
This is a tribute to Dandelion’s famous sweet “S’mores”.
We first glanced at the pictures and made them in our imagination, and then we answered the questions at the end.
It was very tasty despite the simple ingredients.
s’more S’mores is a contraction of the English phrase “some more” (I want some more).

0:00 Introductions
0:18 Homemade marshmallows
3:58 Dark chocolate ganache
5:24 Roasting the S’mores
6:15 Tasting
6:56 Cacao Notes (Dandelion’s S’mores and Failures)

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Special materials used in this project
Silicon mold Silikomart SF082

Iwatani cassette gas cooking burner

[Materials] (for about 8-10 marshmallows)
A – Egg whites: 2 (about 70g)
A – Lemon juice: 5ml
A – Granulated sugar: 80g
B – Gelatin powder: 20g
B – Water: 100g
B – Granulated sugar: 60g
A – Salad oil: appropriate amount
Cornstarch: as needed
[Method] 1.
Soak the gelatin powder in water and let it soften.
Beat egg whites with lemon juice using an electric mixer on high speed.
Separate the granulated sugar from the egg whites and make a meringue.
4. Dissolve the softened gelatin in a microwave oven by heating it little by little. The temperature should not be higher than 60℃.
When it is completely dissolved, add the granulated sugar and dissolve it again while heating.
6. Divide the melted gelatin liquid into the meringue and mix.
If the dough seems to harden when pouring it into the mold, microwave it for 5-8 seconds each time to soften it and make it easier to pour.

Ganache cream
50 g dark chocolate
Fresh cream (about 47% milk fat): 25g
Chop the chocolate.
Pour the cream over the chocolate and bring to a boil in the microwave.
Warm and emulsify the mixture.

Silicones spatula

A small pentode (placed on the gas stove)

Meiji fresh cream meiji Tokachi 45

Black rubber gloves Nitrile gloves

Shinwa radiation thermometer No.73010 with laser point function

VALRHONA Valrhona Fave Manjari 1kg 64% cocoa

Couverture black chocolate
Valrhona “Caraib” (66% cocoa)

Scoop spoon

Cassette stove
Iwatani MIYABI 雅 3.5kW CB-WA-35

Kitchen scissors
Toribe Seisakusho Kitchen Spatter KS-203
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